Anonymous SMS



Virtual SMS
$3.60 USD/mo

✓ Can send and receive messages
✓ Very affordable
✘ Cannot always activate accounts/receive short codes (sometimes works for verification)

Real SIM Card Cell Number (NOW AVAILABLE!)
$18.99 USD/mo

✓ Good for account activation
✘ Cannot send messages (may be enabled on a per customer basis)


How does billing work?

After a number is purchased, the associated account is billed every 30 days. Additionally each message is billed at time of send/receive. It is your responsibility to keep your account funded enough to afford the monthly charge, otherwise your number will be permanently revoked.

Can I have multiple numbers?

Each account can only have 1 number, but you may have multiple accounts unless you have been banned from the service.

Can I use Tor or a VPN?

Yes, use of Tor or VPNs are allowed and are recommended. To use .onion for the CLI application, specify env variable MONERO_SMS_TOR=tor_socks_port

Do you port numbers in or out?

Numbers can be ported in for $1.49 or ported out for free. Done on a best-effort basis. SIM numbers cannot be ported in/out.

Can I use the numbers for SMS 2fa?

Yes, but virtual numbers may not work for some services. Use a hardware device or TOTP when possible.

Can I make or receive VoIP calls?

Not yet.

Do you recycle numbers?

We do not recycle phone numbers that are used at least once. When we release numbers, upstream providers may. The only exception is if a number was refunded (in which case it never sent/received from our server).

Do you offer support?

Yes, email with your account ID or message on Signal at @python.01

Can I use the service as an API?

Yes, as long as the use conforms with the terms of service.

Only use it for human messaging, per industry regulation we cannot allow automated messaging such as marketing.

Why would I want a real cell number instead of a virtual number?

Virtual numbers (numbers associated with VoIP providers) are frequently blacklisted by various companies and as such cannot always receive or send some messages, this frequently breaks account activation.

What countries are available?

We only sell US numbers for now.

Can I text non-US/Canadian numbers?

Not yet. (Other "1" country code numbers may work). This applies to both send/receive.

Can I have a refund?

Generally no. If you haven't bought a number yet we may be able to refund.

If you provide a good reason we will consider giving a refund.

Do you accept USD/Fiat/Bitcoin/altcoins?

Bitcoin, fiat, and shitcoins accepted manually. In the future they will be accepted in an automated fashion. Monero is the most private method.

CLI Guide

MoneroSMS requires Python 3.10+ with the requests library installed.

Generate an account

$ generate

View current pricing

$ pricing

Get your Monero payment address

$ xmraddress

After paying the address enough USD equivalent, check balance

$ credits

Buy a number

$ listnumbers
$ buynumber [number]

Watch a thread

$ watch [number]

Get messages

$ get [number] [offset]

Send message

$ send [number]

List threads

$ threads

PGP Public Key